Lab School Paris is an innovative, bilingual, inclusive, secular, and ecologically responsible school. We aim to support children in all aspects of their learning experience and to enable them to become responsible, well-informed, autonomous, socially-conscious, and happy citizens.



The grades
The school was created at the beginning of the academic year 2017-2018. In 2018-2019, the school opens the first year of middle school with levels CM1, CM2 and 6e (i.e. grades 4-6). In 2019-2020, we are located on 2 locations: 12 rue d’Alexandrie and 15 bis avenue Jean Aicard, where we receive children from all elementary school levels and the two first years of middle school (from CP to 5e, i.e. grades 1-7). The institution will grow further with the children: The opening of a 4e class (grade 8) is planned at the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021, and a 3e class (grade 9) in 2021-2022.

The pedagogy
Our pedagogy draws inspiration from the work of pioneers in pedagogy such as Maria Montessori, Célestin Freinet, John Dewey, Alexander Neill or Rudolf Steiner. Its foundations are firmly anchored in current research in learning sciences, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and the humanities (philosophy and anthropology).

With the support and supervision of the Board of Education and the researchers who collaborate with the Lab School Network, the teaching team designs an evidence-based pedagogy and the scientific evaluation of pedagogical practices, in terms of academic success and well-being at school. Our scope of analysis includes actions such as multilevel classes, peer-to-peer tutoring, and soft skills teaching.

The educational project
Our educational project is based on collaboration. It actively involves:

  • The teaching team
  • The families
  • An interdisciplinary team of researchers associated with the Lab School Network, whose research contributes to fostering educational success.

Diversity and inclusion are two of our key values, and the school welcomes students from all walks of life. This includes children with specific needs and from economically less-advantaged backgrounds, who are often under-represented in alternative schools in France.

Our organization
The Lab School is an independent school and is privately run by an association created by parents, teachers and researchers.

For levels CM1, CM2, 6e and 5e (i.e. grades 4-7) the Lab School of Paris is located at 12 rue d’Alexandrie, 75002 Paris, near Liberté Living Lab, where the Lab School Network currently resides. Liberté Living Lab is an inclusive and innovative space aiming to foster exchanges between entrepreneurs, researchers, thinkers and artists who are interested in experimenting and inventing new business models. The “Liberté”, as the residents call it, brings together a wide range of people eager to innovate, to include and to contribute to “what does not yet exist”.
For levels CP, CE1 and CE2 (i.e. grades 1-3) the Lab School of Paris is located at 15 bis avenue Jean Aicard, 75011 Paris.