What is the Arts & Science Lab?

The Arts and Science Lab is a fun and innovative learning space. Core values are cooperation and realisation (creative realisation and self-realisation).

Meanwhile, it is a place of creation, interdisciplinary experimentation and reflection on the pedagogy of artistic practices, a space for non-formal learning and a meeting place between languages and cultures.

Our characteristic intervention is based on the metaphor of the prism: by mixing artistic practices and scientific disciplines, participants are invited to form a team to explore a theme such as "design", "media", "expression". Each "prism" is broken down into a multitude of "beams", i.e. lines of thought or creation and transversal skills acquired through this practical knowledge, which also aim to enable everyone to acquire a better knowledge of themselves.

In particular, the prism of expression promotes physical anchoring, eloquence and public speaking, the prism of design strengthens creativity and problem-solving skills, while the prism of the media stimulates critical thinking and the ability to argue in any situation.

In practice, three speakers follow one another throughout the year in each prism (one per quarter) to introduce participants to different approaches. Exploration gives rise to a production: a newspaper, an exhibition or a show presented at the end of the year. The majority of the speakers have an excellent command of English and the workshops are therefore also an opportunity to become familiar with this language.

Our philosophy

The workshops of the arts and science lab are designed for children aged 6 to 12. They aim not only to enable them to acquire artistic skills and new knowledge, but also to develop, through project pedagogy, skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

  • Creativity and critical spirit: the format of the workshops allows the participant to take an active and reflective stance on the theme to be addressed. Speakers give participants the opportunity to propose their ideas and confront them with those of others, involving the development of critical common thinking on the theme.
  • Cooperation and communication: speakers are introduced to non-violent communication practices and the importance of heterogeneity in a group. Thus the individualities are highlighted for the functioning of the group and the team work. The framework of the workshops proposes a cooperative work based on an equity of relationships through a kind communication.

How are the workshops organized?


Prism workshops for children take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Each period allows to deepen a point of view and to question it. The speakers can propose different formats of reflection through :

  • the selection of a theme
  • a time for reflection and research on this theme
  • experimentation and production at the end of the year

Learn more about the after school workshops.


Wednesday Afternoon

The Wednesday afternoon workshop runs from 1:30 to 3:00 pm.
Learn more about Wednesday's workshops.


During week-ends and school holidays

Thematic workshops are also organized during school holidays, including parent-child, are held occasionally during weekends and evenings. These workshops are also open to all: it is not necessary to be registered at the Lab School Paris to participate. Programming is announced on the Our Events page, as well as on our Facebook page.


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