What is the Arts and Science Lab?

The Arts and Science Lab is a playful and innovative learning space, where artistic practices and scientific disciplines meet. Artists and researchers co-host workshops with children to enable them to discover behind the scenes of the scientific process and artistic experimentation.

The Arts and Sciences Lab team is made up of experienced and enthusiastic artists, who perform regularly on stage and who are committed to passing on their experience and passion to the youngest members of society. It works in close collaboration with researchers from the Lab School Network and the experimental school Lab School Paris , with whom it shares the desire to contribute to transforming education and the transmission of knowledge.

The Arts and Sciences Lab is at the same time a place of creation, interdisciplinary experimentation and reflection on the pedagogy of artistic practices, a space for non-formal learning and a common ground for languages and cultures.

Our philosophy

The workshops of the Arts and Science Lab are designed for children from 7 to 11 years old. They aim not only to enable them to acquire artistic skills and new knowledge, but also to develop through project pedagogy:

  • their confidence in themselves and their ability to carry out ambitious projects
  • psycho-social or soft skills (creativity, curiosity, empathy, perseverance, etc.)
  • their artistic sensibility
  • various technical skills depending on the workshops selected
  • critical thinking
  • their openness to the world
  • ability to collaborate with others and find a place in a group

How are the workshops organised?

Different types of workshops are offered depending on the times of the week: 90 minutes workshops on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after school and on Wednesday afternoons, all day long during school holidays, and a wide variety of options, including workshops for parents and children and workshops on weekends.

After school

Workshops organised after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are organised around a theme, which serves as a guideline.

The starting point of a workshop is a question or problem defined with the children during the first sessions. After a quick survey (search for books, articles, videos, interviews, field visits, etc.), the children specify the project in collaboration with the facilitator and a researcher. In parallel with the survey, artistic techniques and practices are introduced in order to ensure a steady progression.

The aim is also to achieve a common project at the end of the semester, which will be presented in public, either in the Liberté Living Lab theatre or in a neighbouring theatre. It will take the form of a spectacle associating the different artistic practices, thanks to a close consultation between the different actors throughout the semester.

Wednesday afternoon


During weekends and school holidays

Planning is still in progress. It will be announced on Our events.

More information on the speakers and the content of the workshops over the summer can be found on Facebook page.

After school

The workshops are open to everyone: you do not need to be registered at Lab School Paris to participate.

Practical info:

Where is the Arts and Science Lab located?

12 rue d' Alexandrie - 75002 Paris.
Metro: Réaumur-Sébastopol, Sentier or Strasbourg-Saint-Denis


After school and Wednesday afternoon

Children enrolled at Lab School Paris: 480 € per year

Children not enrolled at Lab School Paris: 510 € per year


Reduced prices 

It is possible to benefit from reduced prices:

  • 10 % if chose more than one workshop
  • If you are sponsoring other children, you can deduct 10% per workshop for each registered godchild (within the limit of three sponsorships).

How to register? 

Registrations are open. It will be possible to participate in trial workshops between 10th and 14th September (10 € per workshop, see Our events)

To book a workshop, you can send a deposit cheque of 200 € payable to Association Lab School to the following address:
Association Lab School - EHESS - 105 boulevard Raspail - 75006 Paris, indicating the workshop(s) chosen.
The balance is due by September 19, 2018.

Contact us:

For any information or registration request please contact: manon@labschool.fr