Radiophonique Workshop: build radio programs

The classes are organized from a few steps of creating a program: each step represents one or more workshops for a varied training to discover the careers of radio.

  • Choose a topic
  • Talking about your topic: being objective, engaged or debating
  • Write a radio article: identify the basic elements of a thesis
  • Order the different radio subjects: choose the order to give coherence to a set
  • Speak on the radio, read your article, learn to express yourself from a written text
  • Discover sound recording: recording equipment and techniques
  • Creating radio “punctuations”: how to give order and sequence to different words and sound recordings in an auditory way to bring a radio programme to life
  • Discover editing software and how it works


Educational Objectives

  • Expose a subject and reflect on a subject
  • Learning to express oneself
  • Discover some technical aspects of radio

Methods, techniques or tools 

  • Theater
  • Debate
  • Writing workshop


The speaker : Angel Liegent

 Angel is a director and playwright. After training with Emmanuel Demarcy Mota, François Regnault and Arnaud Meunier, he continued his work in the Netherlands. From 2006 to 2012, he wrote and directed a dozen shows and events for the company “Mouettes” in Amsterdam. He also works with Dutch artists such as Erwin Olaf, Herman van Veen, Wies Merck and Rita Zipora.

Back in France, he collaborated on dramaturgies for plays or films with structures such as the Fresnoy de Roubaix or the Musée de la Villette. He also took part in the productions of the “Chevreaux Suprématistes” and created some personal projects such as the dramatic concert “Les Addictions” of the group -Bi-, the radio show “Qu’est-ce donc que le monde”, or the show “Givre” with the director Nicolas Gambini and involving new technologies.

He endeavours to retranscribe in his writings a concrete vision of the world and the characters who populate it through dialogue, poetry or choreography, whether for live performance or filmmaking.

He has led groups of children and teenagers in various settings in France and the Netherlands (summer camps, workshops for expatriate children, preparation for the bac theatre option, etc.).