Our bilingual educational team is composed of two teacher pairs, with one French-speaking and one English-speaking educators, and one pedagogical director.
It is complemented by an expanded educational team that includes occasional or regular speakers, as well as individuals responsible for managing and developing the project and links with research. As the school expands, each class will be supervised by a pair of French-English educators.

Our teachers have a strong background in education, research and teaching in France and abroad. They are deeply committed to progressive pedagogy, adapted to all learning styles. They participate in research projects and conferences in order to keep up with the latest scientific research. They place teamwork and reflexivity at the core of their practice. Training sessions are part of their professional development program.



Our values: Kindness and flexibility


Above all, our teaching team is driven by benevolence towards the students. We believe every child has great potential and skills. Together with parents and the support of our research team, we work to develop their talents, enabling them to feel confident and to thrive at school.  

With a ratio of one adult for max. 15 children, we can offer a personalized learning strategy, mindful of the pace of each child. Our teachers are trained both in classical, didactic and alternative pedagogies. They are trained in positive psychology and can build a structured learning environment that is also supportive of the children.

  • They endorse different roles according to the context and the child or group with which we work: guide, leader, coach, expert, etc.
  • When needed, they remind the students of the school community's rules and of the terms of the “contract” set up between students, the teaching team, and the parents, which includes school responsibilities.
  • They help children find their own path as members of society.