Alice has a long-standing interest in education. On leaving school, she intended to go to university before training as a teacher. In the end, she went to Sciences Po in Lille to study in the  Franco-British sector thereby developing an interest in the fields of international relations and charities and NGOs in France, Great Britain and abroad. She gradually came to specialise in education, and decided to study the education system, different types of education and the various protagonists. Once she had her Masters she was a consultant for the International Institute of Educational Planning (IIPE/UNESCO) while working on her Master 2 in Education. After 2 years in charge of the Resolis programme for tackling school drop-out, Alice has eventually come back to her original vocation as a teacher!

Meanwhile, Alice has worked with children : babysitting, youth certificate, playscheme leader, volunteer with Initiatives et Changement etc.

When not working, Alice loves dancing (ballet, modern jazz, tap, salsa, African dance etc.) and travelling. Having studied in France and England, she wishes to draw on different teaching methods to open doors for each individual child.