Marlène first studied psychology and sociology, as well as speech therapy. Since then, she has been passionate about how children learn to read and has deepened her experience with homeschooled kids. Engaged for several years in the Parisian family education networks, she followed various training courses on reading, Montessori pedagogy, non-violent communication approaches and positive education.

Since 2007, Marlène has worked at L’Instant présent publishing house as an editor and translator specializing in pedagogy and human sciences; she is particularly keen to make books on innovation in education and psychology accessible to the French-speaking public. In 2009, she published Apprendre à lire en famille, the first practical book on reading instruction systematically referring to cognitive psychology.

After a Master in Science of Education – Conception and Animation of Teaching and Training Devices (CADEF) – at the University of Rouen, she continued her research on the question of the cognitive ergonomics of learning supports: a concept that could be defined as willingness to spontaneously elicit natural cognitive treatments (i.e., treatments that are constrained by brain structure and function), that are relevant and that are effective, In order to minimize effort and improve learning quality.

She is the pedagogical director of  Paris Lab School.