Miguel Toquet is an associate professor in mathematics and a researcher. He has been deeply reflecting on innovation in education for a long time, through his job as a teacher in secondary and higher education and his research endeavours. He has developed several tools promoting a playful, creative approach of mathematics and language proficiency. Research-wise, he is interested in cooperative learning and in the contribution of cognitive science and digital technologies (edtech, e-education) to learning.

In 2013, he created Espace CréationS, an innovative cultural space set up inside secondary schools dedicated to creativity and offering a new approach of digital technology in schools, that has received several awards and distinctions. In order to accompany the spread of Espace CréationS across the whole country, he co-founded the association decliccS that aims to support ministries, communities and educational actors in setting up new Espaces CréationS.

Miguel Toquet is convinced that public policies targeted towards the youth should be done in a comprehensive, decompartmentalized and collaborative way. His expertise in public innovation has been sought after by the French Ministry of Education, the Secretariat of State in charge of Digital Technology, and the CNFPT (National Center of Territorial Civil Service). Passionate about issues of the digital revolution such as open data, he is currently involved in open innovation and civic tech.

When Pascale Haag created the Lab School Network, he was obviously enthusiastic by the values upheld by the LSN and wanted to contribute to this collective and civic adventure aiming to allow everyone to thrive within a welcoming, 21st-century school.

Convinced by the necessity to intensify the links and the mutual enrichments between actors on the field and researchers, he is involved in the implementation and development of the AERE platform. He also participates in organizing an international conference on wellbeing in education. Finally, he coordinates the research theme “Disseminating innovative practices” inside the LSN as well as the relations between the LSN and the ministries.