La Lab School Paris, une école pour le XXIe siècle

Lab School Paris - a school for the 21st century

A school environment for thriving children

The well-being of students and teaching staff is at the core of our project. Of course, it is not an end in itself. But it is a requirement for every child to feel empowered to drive their learning at their own pace, and at the best of their abilities.


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We are welcoming applications for the 2017-2018 year for grades 3, 4, and 5 (CE2, CM1, and CM2). Limited spots available! We will seek a balance between languages, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, and students requiring special support.

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A school for the 21st century

Our societies are drastically changing. The role of school is no longer to pass on knowledge, but to give young people the means to fully develop their potential, and to learn how to learn throughout their entire lives, all while developing their creativity, their critical spirit, and their capacity for reflection.