8:30 - 8:45


Children arrive at school and are welcomed by the teaching team; their parents are encouraged to stay for a moment and share some time with the rest of the school community. This smooth transition between home and school ensures a positive start of the day for the children. It is also a time when parents and teachers can communicate.


Core knowledge and skills

The pace and organization of the school day are inspired by Montessori pedagogy, which uses extended work sessions. Teaching is adapted to suit the child’s pace and individual way of learning. The materials that we use allow for self-correction, and we encourage collaborative and peer-to-peer learning experiences.

12:00 - 14:00

Lunch and recess at the park

Meals are taken in the school. The educators eat along with the children. Lunch is a prime moment for sharing and learning. Parents who so wish can occasionally join us (they should bring along their own lunch).

Recreation takes place in the neighbouring park, facing the Gaîté lyrique (square Émile Chautemps).

14:00 - 16:15


The organization of the Lab School’s school day takes into account the child’s biological rhythm. Many research studies have shown that early afternoon is the least favorable time to be focused and acquire new knowledge and skills. After recess, a moment of relaxation is proposed, followed by various activities, in groups or in autonomy, which make it possible to reactivate fundamental learning: artistic practices, collaborative projects, yoga, scientific experiments, discovery of different trades, etc. It is also the time when children can review, at their own pace, concepts that they have not yet fully learned in class or view the capsules of the reverse class.

16:15 - 16:30


The school day ends at 4.15 pm. Children who do not participate in the Lab School’s extracurricular activities are picked up.

After school

Extra-curricular activities

After school, children are invited to participate in extracurricular activities as part of the Arts and Science Lab.