In order to welcome at Lab School Paris children from socially less privileged families than the usual public of alternative schools, we have set up a scholarship system. The maximum cost of tuition is 1 100 € per month for 10 months (excluding the solidarity contribution and the middle school additional fee). Families may apply for partial or total scholarships, which are awarded after examination of the applications by a committee made up of members of the steering committee and the pedagogical council. The commission takes into account, on the one hand, the income of the parents and, on the other hand, the individual situation of the families (number of children, additional income, etc.).

The number of children who can be enrolled in each rate band is fixed in advance, so as to preserve the financial equilibrium of the institution. It depends on the subsidies and sources of income that the school is able to raise in addition to the tuition fees paid by parents. The rates below are suggested as guidance.

Payment is made at the beginning of each quarter, over 10 months (September to June of the school year). A solidarity contribution of €25 per child per month is added to the tuition fees: it is paid by everyone and can be intended either to reduce the cost of schooling or certain services for families who need them most, or to partially finance the presence of a school life assistant in order to allow the reception of children with special educational needs.


Fee 2020-2021 :

These fees do not include:

Registration fee: 600 €, to be paid at the first registration, 200 € in case of re-registration. These fees are not refundable in the event of withdrawal (for the most modest families, registration fees can be paid in several installments). Membership in the association: 10 €, to be paid at registration.

School supplies: no more than 90 €.

The extra tuition fee for the secondary school (from 6th grade onwards): 70 € per month.

The solidarity contribution of 25 € per month and per child.

Lunch is not provided