After falling in love with France and its culture as a child, Gabrielle swore to herself that she would live here one day. A decade or so later she took the opportunity to attend university in Paris, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature and philosophy.

Gabrielle then returned to the U.S. to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in Boston, Massachusetts, where she began teaching writing and literature courses at the high school and undergraduate level.

Being so inspired by her experiences she decided to pursue a teaching career, and returned to her hometown of Los Angeles, in California where she completed a California State Teaching Credential and a Master of Arts in Education at Antioch University.


She has taught at an independent, progressive, Dewey-based elementary school in Los Angeles for the last two years, focusing on child observation, and creating thematic and engaging student-centered curriculum that allows diverse students the freedom to question, explore, and guide their learning by their unique interests.

In her teaching practice and the research undertaken for her Master’s thesis, Gabrielle focused on critical pedagogy, philosophy, and psychology. She examined the roots of existentialism in progressive education and how to enable students to better understand and enact their freedom in learning, while also remaining responsible members of a community.

This innate tension between the self and group and how it plays out in the classroom is an important dynamic that particularly fascinates her.

She has recently returned to Paris, and is thrilled to join the Lab School team, having found a perfect place to continue her work with children.