To the theater – Shayeim and Lampros

The 13/11/18, we went to the theater to see Holes.

We are reading the book at school. It’s about a boy named Stanley Yelnats; he thinks he’s cursed because of his great great grandfather who loved a girl and wanted to marry her. But she had to choose between him or another man. So the father said:

« The person who brings the heaviest pig back will marry my daughter ». Stanley had no pig so he went to miss Zeroni who said to him :

« If you want to marry this girl, I will give you my biggest pig but you will have to pick him up at the top of the montain and make him drink of the water. On the last day, I want you to pick me up at the top of the montain and make me drink the water too. But if you don’t, you and your family under you will be cursed. »
The last day arrived and he forgot to carry miss Zeroni so he got cursed, and he didn’t marry the girl.
Coming back to Stanley : o
ne day Stanley was walking and shoes fell down on him. He brought them back to his dad because he used stinky shoes to make them smell nice. As he was cursed, he could not make it. The police said to Stanley:

« You have stolen these shoes. You have a decision : you can go to prison or to the Green lake camp. »
Stanley chose Green lake camp. He went in the bus to go there and it was so hot, he already new how this would be horrible. He had to dig every day a big hole and it was hot, so hot. The teen were allowed water once a day, it was horrible…
But I’m not going to spoiled it for you so you have to read the book to see what’s next!



On the stage, there were only two people to act every characters, and a fridge. The actors were pushing the fridge up and down, up and down. At the the end, plants grow in the fridge!
I went to the theater ten times in my country (Greece) and it was pretty good but I did not understand anything this time as I don’t understand french very well… but I still had a good time.


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