Gaetano Solazzo

Cycle 4 Earth Sciences teacher

Gaetano has been educated between Italy and Germany, after a mastery on the behavioural evolution he completed his education with a PhD on molecular ecology at the university Martin Luther Halle-Wittenberg.

After the PhD he continued his subject of research in Germany at the Helmholtz environmental research institute and Hamburg University. His scientific production shed light on host parasite interaction in relation to ecology, behaviour, and genetics.

In parallel to his research, he developed his passion for teaching and disclosure through seminars, conferences, as assistant course in laboratory or field work. But in France it has been the turning point in his professional life in the context of teaching. After professional training on French and new teaching methodologies (active learning, flipped classroom etc.) he started to teach for several institutions: middle schools, high schools, colleges, and training courses.

In 2021 he is engaged as life and earth science teacher by the middle school Lab School Paris with the aim to share his experience and to promote the relationship between school and research.