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Charlotte Allamargot

French, english and spanish teacher in middle and high school

After graduating from high school, Charlotte moved to Berkley, USA for a year where she taught French to homeschooled students. From this experience came her vocation: teaching. 

Back in France in 2013, she studied Modern Literature and English at the Sorbonne. Her passion for Anglo-Saxon culture led her to continue her studies in England where she obtained a master's degree in Comparative Literature. Still planning to become a teacher, she passed her PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) in 2017. 

She became a French and Spanish teacher in a secondary school in London for 2 years where she discovered innovative teaching methods. In 2020, she moved back to Paris, her hometown, where she got a job as an English teacher in a private college in Neuilly-sur-Seine. 

After an experience in digital learning as a training designer in a company, she finds her first passion by joining Labschool. She is delighted to be able to use her knowledge of pedagogy and digital learning to offer attractive, modern and educational courses. 

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