Irène Gregorio

Assistant Educational Director

Irene is passionate about education in the broadest sense of the term. Convinced that education "is the most powerful weapon to change the world" as Mandela said, she studied Education Science at university, with several internships in a wide range of schools, including a hospital school and another school in England for four months.

At the end of her degree, she started working as an editor in a Spanish publishing house specialized in education. This work experience allowed her to get to know the business world, to stay up to date with the latest educational innovations and to be in contact with teachers and researchers from all over the world, among others.

For three years, she combined this activity with two master's degrees in language teaching (English and Spanish), several internships and social engagements in Spain and Belgium. In 2019, she moved to Brussels, where she was able to complete some personal projects, such as an internship in a school with alternative pedagogy, participation in a cooperative deepening the art of facilitating meetings, a training on Active Non-Violence or writing an article on COVID-19 and education.

In September 2020, she moved to the Ile-de-France region, where she looked for educational projects that were in line with her values to help her continue to develop personally and professionally and that responded to her need to act for another education. This is how she joined a part-time entrepreneurial project in January that allowed her to insert herself into the French educational system in a privileged position that allows her to keep in touch with families, students, the pedagogical team and young students and to have a global vision of the French educational system.

However, being a curious and creative person who loves to learn, she has never stopped looking for educational projects to get involved with. This is how she came across LabSchool, a school that attracted her from the very first moment by its ambition to link research and the world of education on a daily basis. She is therefore very happy to join the LabSchool to continue learning and contribute with her experience to the project.