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Nyasha Hicks

Anglophone Teacher - 3rd/4th grade

Originally from the UK, Nyasha grew up in Jamaica and Ireland. Thanks to travelling, Nyasha became passionate about languages and cultures and knew that she wanted to settle in France.

Upon leaving secondary school, she attended the University of Birmingham, England, where she studied French and Japanese. This enthusiasm for languages allowed her to study for a semester in Grenoble and in Tokyo.

After her undergraduate degree, Nyasha continued her studies by starting her Postgraduate Diploma of Secondary Education in 2016. She became a fully fledged teacher in 2017 and joined Q3 Academy Langley in the suburbs of Birmingham.

Q3 was a great place for Nyasha to develop her pedagogical knowledge and expertise, whilst forming strong relationships with her students. As Q3 embraced the school "family", Nyasha was able to support her students on a deeper level.

It was no surprise therefore, that in 2019, Nyasha became Deputy Head of year: a role attached to the pastoral care and wellbeing of students. Nyasha has mentored individuals and groups of students, supporting them both emotionally and academically.

During Lockdown, Nyasha completed several training modules on mental health and wellbeing support in preparation for the mental health crisis that the young people were undergoing after the height of the pandemic.

Despite moving Birmingham and Q3, in late 2020, she decided to follow her dream of living in France and was lucky enough to discover Lab School, which held a similar ethos as her previous school. She is excited to join a new family and share her experiences, energy and enthusiasm, whilst refining her teaching.

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