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Pascale Haag

Scientific Director

Pascale is a psychologist and lecturer at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Paris). She initiated the creation of the Lab School Network, which aims to put research at the service of educational success and to promote exchanges between all the actors of the educational ecosystem (teachers, researchers, parents, students, companies, public authorities). It is also the founder of the first lab school in France: the Lab School Paris, a pilot school that opened in September 2017. The idea of creating such a network and a "lab school" was born from the conjunction of two factors: an important change in the orientation of her research and a civic commitment to contribute to the reflection on education in France.

In the first part of her professional career, after studying music at the conservatories of Strasbourg and The Hague (baroque oboe, flute, harpsichord), Pascale took part in numerous concerts and recordings. Holder of the Certificate of Aptitude for Musical Teaching, she was also a teacher of artistic education until 1998. A resumption of her studies led her to a doctorate in Indian Studies (2002) and her research focused, until 2011, on Sanskrit grammar, the philosophy of language and the history of Indian linguistic theories.

Wishing to broaden her skills, she studied psychology at the University of Nanterre, where she obtained a Master's degree in psychology in 2013, followed by a PhD in psychology, on the doctoral experience, in particular stress, health and the coaching relationship in 2018. She has been in charge of student life at EHESS and secretary of the French and Francophone Association of Positive Psychology from 2015 to 2017. In September 2019, she joined the BONHEURS Laboratory at the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

Pascale has been immersed in Freinet pedagogy since childhood, as her parents, both school teachers, were interested in alternative pedagogies and their implementation in the sensitive neighbourhoods of the Strasbourg suburbs as early as the 1970s. She is now the scientific director of the Lab School Paris.

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