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Virginie Roth-Hirsinger

Maths teacher in middle school

In 2012, Lauren left her Scottish village outside Glasgow for the bright lights of Paris. She worked as a nanny, and as a part time English teacher. She discovered her passion, and in 2016 she moved back to Scotland to complete her studies.

She completed an HNC (higher national qualification) to work within Scottish early learning and childcare centres (for children aged between 2 and 5). Through course work and placements within nurseries, Lauren learned the need for play, child lead practice and the importance of nurturing young minds. With these ideas in mind, she went on to study to become a primary teacher with a specialism in the teaching of modern foreign languages.

Most recently, Lauren worked as a primary 5-7 teacher (ce2- cm2) in a rural school in Scotland. At the beginning, working in a multi composite class was challenging, but Lauren thrived on being creative, and working with each child to achieve their individual targets.

This will be Lauren’s first year working at LabSchool. She was struck by how similar the school’s values and aims are to her own. She is looking forward to being part of a dynamic and innovative team and integrating into the school community.

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