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Adrien Rovillain

French and history-geography teacher in middle and high school

Adrien studied Modern Letters at the University of Paris-Saclay. After graduating with a Master's degree in literature and research (specializing in linguistics), he entered the Sorbonne to prepare for the CAPES / Agrégation externe de Lettres Modernes exam.

Adrien then animated many student clubs (chess, theater, school newspaper) to revitalize the life of the college where he was a full time teacher.

In search of new horizons to put his knowledge of educational engineering to good use, Adrien trained in "Digital Learning", which enabled him to take up a position as a professional training designer in a company.

Finding a school like Labschool now offers him the opportunity to reconcile his appetite for new technologies with his love of French literature, which he explores through linguistic, historical and philosophical approaches. Teaching for him means: sharing, transmitting and moving.

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